The demand for a more sophisticated and effective security protection system is needed to spearhead security services through the integration of technology and trained manpower. Such high end security system must have the capabilities to monitor, detect, verify and provide immediate responsibility




To cater for these security requirements, KNIGHTS ARMOR works closely in association with integrated electronic security solutions providers to market innovative Total Protection Solutions for organizations to improve their security factors

High Improvement

With this smart security protection system, which is basically the integration of technology and skilled manpower, there will be high improvement of security management and measures in every facet of client routine.



KNIGHTS ARMOR is an Integrated Security Solutions Provider for:


  • Burglar Alarms/ Central Monitoring System
  • Digital CCTV Surveillance & Recording
  • Cards Access Control
  • Smart Keys Manager
  • “Smart Visitor” Management System
  • “Panic Button” Personal Security Tracking System